Blue Willi’s

Living people deserve living clothes.

And that’s why Blue Willis uses only 100 % pure natural materials in Blue Willi’s clothes. Cotton, flax, silk and wool are the elements. Each with a history and qualities of its own and each manufactured in the best traditions of fine workmanship.

Blue Willi´s clothes have either the natural colors of the untreated materials of which they are made, or are dyed with the finest colours available. One of these is Indigo.

As one of natures own dyes, Indigo has been used by man for more than 4000 years. The universal appeal that Indigo has as a living color is based on the ability to fade gradually and naturally with wear.

The intense blue color is applied so that it only affects the surface fibres of the cotton, leaving the core of the yarn undyed.

Wear them, rough them up, wash them and dry them.

Then start all over again! As the clothes are used and washed the color will fade and leave the signature of the owner’s natural wear thus allowing the clothes to age and mature their beauty.

The rougher you treat them the more mellow they become.

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